1. Tutor must know the student understanding capability and make assure to help them in the concept they are lagging.
  2. Teacher should be attractive in the way they teach students.
  3. Teacher must handle the students very patient manner.
  4. Tutor must have depth, knowledge in their subject.
  5. Interaction between student and teacher should be in good way, talking face to face and making them to engage.
  6. Testing the student knowledge by asking questions in the particular subject they teach.
  7. Live teaching can be done by sharing videos with slides about the subject.
  8. Assisting the students with home work so that they can easily get into the subjects.
  9. Free hand sketching, natural hand movements can pull the students to engage into the lesson and that’s important in this digital education.
  10. Using right gadgets which makes the online teaching better and communicative easily.

Find 10 Best Online Tutoring Tips for getting noticed by students and parents.