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Qualification: MSc pharmaceutical chemistry

Experience: All subjects upto 7th class and science for 8th,9th and 10th class

Fee/Charges:300/primary students and 500/secondary class students

Location: Hubsiguda

Hello!My name is Bharath and I am a science tutor with one year of experience in helping students succeed in their science studies.I have a strong background in science, having earned a masters in the subject and taught science at the high school level.I am passionate about helping students understand science concepts in an experimental method and develop the skills they need to excell in their courses.As a tutor,I use a variety of experimental techniques and resources to make science engaging and accessible for all students.As we are in advanced technology,I can also able to teach through smart class by which the students can get good information and knowledge through visualisation.Mostly I use a simple technique which is (LSRW) Listening Speaking Reading and Writing and I believe that with the right support and guidance,any student can learn and succeed in science.Thank you