Best Home Tutors in Porur, Chennai

Find Home Tutors in Porur Chennai, Whatsapp 9100764412 for Private Tuition from LKG to Class 12 for all subjects including Tamil language. Get qualified tuition teachers near Porur starting from ₹300/hr Tuition fee. Book Tutor

Home Tutors in Chennai

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Home Tuition in Chennai

Discover the potential for offering home tutoring services in Chennai by becoming a private tutor and accessing tuition opportunities via our platform. Engage with students in need of personalized instruction across a range of subjects. Join our community to contribute positively to students’ educational paths, while also leveraging your knowledge and abilities to the fullest.

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How It Works

Whatsapp 9100764412 to discuss your tutoring needs. We’ll match you with a suitable tutor and arrange a call. After scheduling a demo class, assess the tutor’s suitability. Upon confirmation, pay our service and fees to begin lessons. Our streamlined process ensures you find the perfect tutor for effective learning outcomes.

  1. Click on Students -> Book Tutor (For Students & Parents)
  2. Post your Tuition need
  3. Receive a call from our executive
  4. Discuss your child’s Tuition needs
  5. We will finalize few tutors and arrange Telephonic calls
  6. Talk to our tutors and schedule a demo class
  7. Finalize the Tutor

To discuss your Tutoring needs, Call +91-9133461133

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Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects do home tutors in Chennai, cover?

Our Crazywhiz Home tutors in Chennai, cover a wide range of subjects, including math, science, Tamil, Hindi, English, social studies, and other hobby subjects like Music, Dance, Yoga etc,. The specific subjects covered may vary depending on the tutor’s expertise and the student’s needs. Book Tutor

How do I find a reliable home tutor in Porur?

To connect with a home tutor or online teacher, simply click Students in Main menu and then click on “Book Tutor” and register your tuition requirements. Alternatively, call +91-9133461133 to discuss your needs directly, or reach out via WhatsApp at 9100764412 to chat with our online tutoring agent. Safety Guidelines

What qualifications should I look for in a home tutor?

Look for home tutors with minimum degree qualifications; many hold postgraduate degrees, while some are subject-specific certified specialists and trainers. Prioritize expertise aligned with your learning needs. Our tutors are adept in various subjects, ensuring quality education tailored to individual requirements. View Blog

What is the typical rate for home tutoring in Porur?

Home tutoring fees in Porur fluctuate based on the tutor’s qualifications, experience, and taught subjects. Typically, rates in Porur range between INR 300 to 750 per hour. It’s crucial to negotiate rates and payment conditions with the tutor prior to commencing sessions. Tuition fee

How much service charge a student/parents must pay for arranging a home tutor?

Crazywhiz imposes a one-time, non-refundable service charge ranging from INR 500 to 3000 (varies by city) for arranging a suitable tutor, organizing demo classes, and conducting background checks on tutors. This fee ensures quality service and support in matching students/parents with the right tutor. Tutition Articles

What types of tutors does Crazywhiz offer?

Crazywhiz provides a variety of tutoring options including home tutors, online tutors, and private tutors (at the tutor’s location), catering to the preferences of students.

What measures can I take to monitor my child’s progress after hiring a tutor?

To track your child’s improvement post-tutoring, regularly communicate with the tutor to discuss progress, set clear learning objectives, review assignments, and provide feedback. Additionally, encourage your child to share their experiences and areas of difficulty for targeted support. How to Track Progress?

How can I optimize the results from my home tutor?

Regular communication with the home tutor is crucial for tracking your child’s progress. Schedule meetings or calls to discuss performance, improvement areas, and any concerns, maximizing learning outcomes. Parent Guide

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