Home tuition in Banashankari

We are currently seeking a proficient male home tutor with prior teaching experience to provide instruction in 1st PU Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics in the vicinity of Banashankari ISRO layout, Bangalore. The tutoring sessions are scheduled for the evenings, commencing after 5 pm, and will run for four to five days each week.

Compensation for the tutoring services falls within the range of 900 to 1000 rupees for every 1.5-hour session. The ideal candidate should demonstrate a strong command of the subjects and possess effective teaching methods to ensure comprehensive understanding and academic progress.

Moreover, the tutor is expected to create a conducive learning environment that fosters engagement and encourages active participation from the students. Individuals who meet these qualifications and are interested in this opportunity are encouraged to contact us at 8247472727.

This expanded version provides more detail about the tutoring requirements, expectations, and the desired qualifications for interested candidates.

  • Part-time
  • Education
  • 900-1000/hr
  • Phone number
  • 8247472727
  • Crazywhiz

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