Breakdancing, also known as breaking or b-boying, is a form of street dance that originated in the 1970s in New York City as part of the hip hop culture. It is characterized by fast, rhythmic, and acrobatic movements, often performed to the beat of hip hop or electronic music. Breakdancers, also known as b-boys or b-girls, often incorporate elements of popping, locking, and other styles of dance into their routines. book Trainer

Break Dance

Breakdancing is typically performed in a “cypher,” or circle, with one or more dancers taking turns showing off their skills in the center. It is often associated with the hip hop and rap music scenes, and breakdancers often incorporate elements of graffiti art and DJing into their performances. Breakdancing has gained popularity around the world and has been featured in many music videos, movies, and television shows. It has also been recognized as a legitimate form of dance and has been featured in dance competitions and performances.


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