Discover transparent and competitive tuition fees for quality education. Explore affordable options and flexible payment plans for your educational journey. Invest in your future with reasonable tuition fees that align with the value and expertise provided by experienced educators.

Home Tuition fee

ClassMetropolitan Cities (eg. Delhi/Bangalore/Chennai)Small Cities (eg. Madurai/Palakkad/Dhanbad)
Class I-V250-300/hr100-150/hr
Class V-X300-400/hr150-200/hr
Class XI-XII500-750/hr300-400/hr
Indian Languages500-750/hr300/hr
Foreign Languages500-1000/hr500/hr

Tuition Centre fees

ClassMetropolitan Cities (eg. Delhi/Bangalore/Chennai)Small Cities (eg. Madurai/Palakkad/Dhanbad)
Class I-V1500-2500/hr500-1000/Month
Class V-X2000-3500/hr750-2000/Month
Class XI-XII3000-4500/Subject/Month1500-2500/Subject/Month
Indian Languages200-300/hr1000-1500/Month

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