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Malleswaram is a neighborhood in Bangalore, the capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is located in the northern part of the city, and is known for its many temples, markets, and cultural institutions. Malleswaram is a residential and commercial area, with a mix of apartment buildings, shops, and restaurants. It is known for its many temples, including the 19th-century Sri Saneeswara Temple and the 19th-century Ganesha Temple. The area is also home to several cultural institutions, such as the Malleswaram Sangeetha Sabha, which hosts classical music and dance performances.

The neighborhood is known for its bustling markets, such as the Malleswaram Flower Market and the Malleswaram Vegetable Market. These markets are popular with locals and tourists alike, and offer a wide variety of fresh produce, flowers, and other goods.

Overall, Malleswaram is a vibrant and lively neighborhood in Bangalore, with a rich cultural heritage and many attractions to explore. Hire Home Tutors in Malleshwaram

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