Home Tutor Jobs in Kochi

Home Tuition Jobs in Kochi

Search and apply for Part-time Home Tutor Jobs in Kochi, Kerala. Become a Home Tutor in and fill the job application for home tutor jobs in Kochi to earn 5000 to 15000/month part time income. Join As a Tutor

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Who is eligible for Part-time Tutor Jobs?

Most of the students/parents who opt for Home tuition in Kochi are typically ask for a degree qualified tutor or MSc/BEd trained teachers for private tuition at home. May be in few cases parents accept intermediate students for teaching primary students and degree pursuing tutor for primary and secondary classes. But Crazywhiz suggests only degree qualified graduates for Tutoring services. View Blog

How to get Teaching Jobs?

Very simple. Click Tutors in main menu and and click on Register. Fill the Tutor sign up form and provide all details. Then click on Jobs link in main menu and browse suitable jobs. Apply for most relevant tutoring jobs. If selected, then either Student/Parent or Crazywhiz agent will contact you for further steps. How to increase chances to get Tutor jobs. Register Now

Types of Tuition Jobs

Crazywhiz offer Home Tuition, Online Tutoring Jobs and sometimes we associate with nearby Tutorial centres for teaching at institute or teaching at Tutors’ place. 90-95% our tuitions are home tuition based part time jobs. So, in most of the cases Tutors must go to student’s home for tutoring. Terms & Conditions

How much Tuition fee can I get?

Well it depends on many factors such as number of tuitions you teach, number of students you handle, subjects and syllabus you teach, distance (within city or outskirts), type of city (metro city or a non metro city) and most importantly your experience and kind of Tutoring (academic school subjects ot entrance exams like IIT/NEET).

Class/Level/GradeSmall CitiesMetro Cities
Class 1-5 1500-30005000-12000
Class 6-82000-40007500-15000
Class 9-103000-50008000-20000
Class 11-12 (Inter)300-500/hr500-1000/hr


How do I become a home tutor in Kochi?

To become a home tutor, you typically need to have a strong understanding of the subject(s) you wish to teach. Creating a comprehensive profile, promoting your services, and connecting with potential clients, having positive reviews are essential steps in getting Part-time tutor jobs in Kochi.

What qualifications or experience do I need to become a home tutor?

You must have at least degree to take tuitions from Crazywhiz.

How can I find students for home tutoring in Kochi?

There are several ways to find students for home tutoring. You can promote your services through our Crazywhiz platform by registering your profile. Either students will contact you directly or we will call you on behalf of students/parents. Sometimes you can browse jobs and apply directly to suitable tutor jobs in Kochi directly.

How do I determine my tutoring rates?

While creating your tutoring prifile, clearly mention your tuition charges based on class, subjects or syllabus or else you can even mention hourly charges.

How do I prepare for tutoring sessions?

Preparation for tutoring sessions involves creating personalized lesson plans based on the student’s needs and goals. Review the subject topics thoroughly, gather relevant teaching materials and resources, and plan activities that facilitate the student’s understanding and engagement.

How often should tutoring sessions be held?

The frequency of tutoring sessions can vary depending on the student’s needs, availability, and the intensity of the subject matter. Typically, tutoring sessions are held 5-6 days a week or during weekends. It all dpends on student requirement and tutor’s availability.

How can I track the progress of my students?

Tracking the progress of your students is essential for evaluating their development and identifying areas that require further attention. You can use a variety of methods, such as periodic assessments, practice exercises, quizzes, or assignments, to gauge their understanding. Communicate regularly with the student and their parents/guardians to provide feedback on their progress.

How do I handle difficult or unmotivated students?

Dealing with difficult or unmotivated students can be a challenge. It’s important to establish a positive and supportive learning environment. Try to understand the underlying reasons for their lack of motivation or challenging behavior and adapt your teaching approach accordingly. Employ creative teaching techniques, provide encouragement, and communicate with their parents/guardians to address any concerns.

How can I maintain professionalism as a home tutor?

Maintaining professionalism is crucial as a home tutor. Be punctual, reliable, and respectful of the student’s and their family’s privacy. Maintain your teutoring profile up to date.

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