Private Tutors in Hassan for Private tuition classes. Call 9100764412 for class 1-10th tuition teachers in Hassan. Book qualified Home Tutors near Hassan and get free demo class. Book Tutor

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How It works

  1. Call 9100764412 and discuss your educational needs
  2. Confirm tutoring preferences (subjects, duration, timings etc.)
  3. Allow us to search suitable Home Tutors in Hassan
  4. We will schedule a trial/demo class
  5. Assess the Tutor and provide your feedback
  6. Pay service charge and advance to start classes

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I hire best Tutor for my child?

Discuss your tuition need in detail with out agent. He/she will find best and expert Tuition teachers in Hassan for your child. We conduct an online interview with the tutor and schedule trial class. You also take demo class and assess the Tutor.

  • How much tuition fees do you charge?

Well, it depends on class, number of subjects, syllabus, duration of the class, and finally experience and popularity of the tutors in Hassan. Approximately for primary students the tuition fee would be 250-300/hr and for secondary students 300-500/hr (can be finalized after demo class).

  • What are the specific academic goals that you hope to achieve through home tuition?

Crazywhiz Home tuition in Hassan can be a great way to supplement traditional classroom education by providing one-on-one attention and customized instruction to students. you can expect the following from our Private tutors in Hassan.

  1. Improved academic performance
  2. Enhanced understanding of concepts
  3. Increased confidence
  4. Structured preparation for exams

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