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Home Tutors in Marathahalli

Priyanka Parida

Qualification: MSc Counselling Psychology Subjects/Services: Social Science, English, Psychology…

Hoorain riaz

Qualification: B. ScSubjects/Services: Biology, English, Kannada, HindiExperience:…

Isabella. D

Qualification: Bcom CA,MBASubjects/Services: English, Evs, MathsExperience:…

Soumya potnis

Qualification: B.E computer science Subjects/Services: Maths and englishExperience:…

Wanted an experienced tuition teacher for all subjects of 6th Std kid in HSR sector 4 in Bangalore

Service delivery: offlineFees/Charges: ₹9000-10000Location: HSR sector 4 in Bangalore Wanted an…

Home Tutors in Hebbal Bengaluru for class 1

Service delivery: offlineFees/Charges: ₹500-750Location: Hebbal Wanted experienced male/female home…

Srushti kakkalameli

Qualification: Msc electronics Subjects/Services: Maths , physics, Kannada, dance Experience:…

Aishwarya patil

Qualification: STUDYING MSc mathematics first year of 2 nd semSubjects/Services: Maths,science…

Swathi Reddy

Qualification: MCA mastersSubjects/Services: Social and science, English Experience:…

Wanted Home Tutor near Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore

Service delivery: offlineFees/Charges: ₹500Location: Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore Home Tutor Needed…
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CBSE Maths Tutors in Marathahalli

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We offer credible and professional online Tutors having excellent communication and teaching skills. Parents can do background checks after taking a demo class. Enroll your Tuition requirement and connect with our expert Home Tutors in Marathahalli, Bangalore. Our Tutors charge a very reasonable Tuition fee based on your child’s Tutoring needs. Facebook Posts

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Student-Parent Testimonials

one to one tuition

Ever since my child started tutoring with Crazywhiz, their grades have improved significantly. The personalized attention and tailored approach to learning have made a remarkable difference in their understanding of challenging concepts. I highly recommend Crazywhiz to any parent looking for quality tutoring services. BOOK TUTOR

Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects do home tutors in Marathahalli, Bangalore, cover?

Home tutors in Marathahalli, Bangalore, cover a wide range of subjects, including math, science, languages, social studies, and more. The specific subjects covered may vary depending on the tutor’s expertise and the student’s needs. Book Tutor

How do I find a reliable home tutor in Marathahalli, Bangalore?

There are several ways to find a reliable home tutor in Marathahalli, Bangalore. You can ask for recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors, search online tutoring platforms, or contact local tutoring agencies. It’s essential to thoroughly research and interview potential tutors to ensure they meet your requirements and expectations. Safety Guidelines for students/parents

What qualifications should I look for in a home tutor?

When selecting a home tutor, look for qualifications such as educational background, teaching experience, subject expertise, and references from previous students or employers. Additionally, consider factors such as communication skills, teaching style, and compatibility with the student’s learning preferences. View Blog

What is the typical rate for home tutoring in Marathahalli, Bangalore?

The rate for home tutoring in Marathahalli, Bangalore, varies depending on factors such as the tutor’s qualifications, experience, and the subject(s) being taught. On average, home tutoring rates in Marathahalli range from INR 300 to 750 per hour. It’s essential to discuss rates and payment terms with the tutor before starting the sessions. Tuition fee

How often do home tutoring sessions take place?

The frequency of home tutoring sessions can vary depending on the student’s needs, availability, and academic goals. Typically, sessions may take place once or twice a week, with each session lasting between one to two hours. The schedule can be adjusted based on the student’s progress and the tutor’s availability. Tutition Articles

What should I expect during a home tutoring session?

During a home tutoring session, the tutor will typically review the student’s current lessons, provide explanations and clarifications on difficult concepts, and assign practice exercises or homework. The tutor may also offer personalized guidance and support to help the student improve their understanding and academic performance. How to Track Progress?

How can I monitor my child’s progress with the home tutor?

Communication with the home tutor is essential for monitoring your child’s progress. You can schedule regular meetings or phone calls with the tutor to discuss the student’s performance, areas of improvement, and any concerns or questions you may have. Additionally, you can ask the tutor to provide progress reports or assessments to track your child’s academic development over time. Parent Guide

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