Salsa is a popular dance style that originated in the Caribbean, specifically in Cuba and Puerto Rico. It is a dance style that has evolved over time to incorporate elements from a variety of dance styles, including Afro-Caribbean, Latin, and ballroom dance. Book Trainer

salsa dance

Salsa is typically danced to Latin music, which has a strong, rhythmic beat and is characterized by its use of percussion instruments such as congas, bongos, and timbales. The dance is characterized by its energetic and expressive movements, which often involve complex footwork and body isolations.

Salsa can be danced both socially and competitively, and there are many different styles of salsa, including Cuban salsa, L.A. style salsa, and New York style salsa, each with its own distinctive characteristics. Salsa is a popular dance form all over the world, with classes and dance events happening in cities around the globe.