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Qualification: B.Tech, MBA, MS

Experience: Mathematics


Location: USA (randomly selecting a city because it is a mandatory field)

Hello team,
I am applying for the position of Math tutor for Grade 5-8 (possibly 9 or 10 depending on the chapter). I am currently working as a Senior Marketing Specialist. I have not taught professionally but I was always very good at Math in school which is reflected in my CAT and GRE scores. I got 97.5 percentile in CAT and 324/340 in GRE.
My approach to solving Math problems has never been about learning how to solve different types of questions, as Math allows you to use logic to get to the answer irrespective of the process. My goal would be to make students try to understand the “logic” behind each question and the path to the right answer will become clear automatically.
I am applying for a part-time role and I can be available Monday to Friday in the evening (after 5PM CST) or Saturday to Sunday (any time).
I look forward to getting a chance to share my knowledge and I am very excited about this opportunity.
Thank you,
Ashu Rawat